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“It’s a digital world, which changes the equation for evangelism, for community, and most of all for connection!”Phil Cooke
“You have a message! Who is hearing it? The world has changed!”Erwin McManus
“A conference to learn how faith can reach millions through social media!”Bayless Conley
“Anything that advances God’s Kingdom purely and strategically is desperately needed in America”George Barna – Founder of The Barna Group
“We appreciate your passion for equipping Christian Leaders to utilize new media to spread The Gospel”David Chrzan – Chief of Staff, Saddleback Church
“…Considering technology in relation to Christian Discipleship and Witness is crucial these days.”Professor Jana Bennett – Associate Editor of Catholic Moral Theology
“….This ministry is where we all need to go!”Fr. Alberto Cutie

Conference & Lecture Series

Going Digital for His Kingdom Events explores with our attendees, the criticisms and critiques of new media from inside and outside the Christian Sector. We explore the concept that online communication is shallow and isolating. We will help to ease the minds and hearts of many who are fearful of the idea that Christians will become advocates of new media. These events acknowledge that with the use of new media, new benefits appear.

Going Digital for His Kingdom is completely devoted to exploring the relationship between Christians and new media and inspiring, motivating and training Christian Leaders to effectively use new media and answer the needs of a world that is placing increasing importance on new and social media.


Vision of Twelve

Vision of Twelve is devoted to expanding the footprint of your faith-based organization’s true mission in the world. We offer events that break down the walls of misconceptions that many faith-based organizations maintain. Our events show how the church is equally as important locally as it is globally.

Our event team works with your faith-based organization to understand your current environment, needs, and concerns of new media. We provide instruction, advice, guidance, inspiration, motivation, and training on the effective creation, delivery, storage, and use of digital media. We then show you how digital media can be used to support teaching, preaching, learning and discipleship activities, which will help reveal God’s vision and lead to growth and revitalization.


Apostle Coy Barker

He has done leadership training throughout the nations of the world for over 4 decades, training kingdom leaders. Additionally, for numerous years he has used media to see lives changed. Apostle Barker is presently being used in the areas of T.V and social media! He often speaks in conferences and leadership meetings as an inspirational


Rev. Dr. Velma Smith

Rev. Dr. Velma Smith is an ordained minister, writer, radio personality, conference speaker and spoken word artist. Dr. Smith has joyfully served in ministry for more than 25 years. She is the President and Founder of the Daughters of the Way Mission Outreach Ministry, Inc. She has served as a contributing writer for the “I


Will Mancini

Will Mancini – I want you and your ministry to experience the benefits of stunning, God-given clarity. As a pastor turned vision coach, I’ve worked with an unprecedented variety of churches from growing mega-churches and missional communities, to mainline revitalization and church plants. I have the privilege of being the founder of Auxano, the creator


Soorin Backer

“Soorin” radio show reaches the hearts of her listeners with stories and teachings of redemption that reveal the gospel. The Bible is taught with a fresh and unique perspective that fosters connecting her listeners to the heart of Jesus Christ while challenging religious notions that work against genuine intimacy. Soorin holds two masters degrees from


Fr. Albert Cutie’

Father Alberto Cutie’ has had the special privilege of entering millions of homes throughout the world with his television and radio talk shows, books, as well as, his newspaper columns. In October of 1998, Father Albert became the first member of the clergy to host a daily “talk-show” on secular television for a major network


Scott Attebery

I am the Executive Director of DiscipleGuide Church Resources, a ministry of the Baptist Missionary Association of America. I have also served as a campus minister at theUniversity of Central Arkansas and as a pastor at Wyatt Baptist Church in El Dorado, AR. Writing is a creative outlet for me. Besides posting to my blog,


Troy Carl

Mr. Carl is the Vice President of Faith Comes By Hearing. With more than 25 years in full-time ministry and executive management, Troy brings a strategic understanding and vision of harnessing technology for Kingdom initiatives. Prior to joining the ministry in 2004, Troy was president of a telecommunications company as well as director for a


Matt Brown

Matt Brown is an evangelist, author of Awakening: How God’s Next Great Move Inspires and Influences Our Lives Today (Spring 2015, Leafwood Publishers), and founder of Think Eternity. He and his wife Michelle are impacting thousands of people with the gospel each year through live events and online. They also minister to more than 400,000

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